The thinner the imitation watch movement, the more difficult it will be to manufacture and repair

What size is the movement of the rolex replica ultra replica watches slim movement? There is currently no uniform specification. It is generally believed that the manual watch winding movement is within 2mm, the automatic watch winding movement is within 3mm, and the quartz movement is within 1mm. The movement of the omega should be thin , from the beginning of the design of the entire movement, such as the width of the barrel and the spring, from the gear, the escapement structure, to the winding system and the faceplate. , pointer cooperation, etc. Of course, since it is a thin movement, the case is also an ultra-thin design, and the level of consideration is extremely wide, which means that it is difficult to manufacture and the general watch factory is not easy to complete.The movement Ultra thin Omega imitation is difficult to manufacture, and the technical maintenance is also more in-depth than the general specification movement, especially in the assembly and adjustment techniques. Although the ultra-thin movement of the omega imitation has excellent craftsmanship, the precision of the slim movement is extremely high.

A slight impact can damage the train wheel because its gear is thinner and the gear shaft is shorter. The collision, so the failure rate is naturally high. The ultra-thin movement must be combined with a thin case, otherwise it will be meaningless. Too thin case design must sacrifice waterproof performance, even the dragon core diameter should be reduced, and daily winding action may decrease its durability. These are fatal injuries to the ultra-thin watch movement. Cheap watches are powered by internal springs. When the crown is turned, the spring inside the movement pushes the watch. Mechanical watches are divided into 21 drills and 25 drills. The difference is that 25 drills have a second stop function, which has better wear resistance and longer service life. 21 drills have no second stop function and are easy to use. In addition to 21 exercises and 25 exercises, For example, Rolex Replica uses 32 diamonds, etc.

The red wheel of the cheap watches movement is the two automatic wheels replica omega in the automatic winding mechanism, which is durable, low noise and good winding performance. The large screw-down balance is equipped with Rolex's Microstella fine-tuning mechanism and a blue steel double-layer spring. This optimal combination makes the travel time precise.Now talk about Rolex Replica, rolex replicas with “stable, applicable, not eye-catching” design style, highly valued by people, and precise time and durability are the replicas most attractive rolex. Every watch technician at rolex replicas has the same confidence that everything must be refined. Each production process undergoes strict quality control. Each watch enters the air pressure chamber to test waterproof performance, and then uses the two cents per second error atomic clock. Precision calibration, you can send the table that completes all quality tests. The pursuit of excellence of the rolex replica people, the pursuit of perfection also gives Rolex the highest quality, so that Imitacion de rolex enjoys the incomparable honor of other brands.